Five tool talks (Werkzeuggespräche) on the upheavals of living and working environments in urban areas in cooperation with SOHO in Ottakring.

Work is a central concept of humanity, which has changed fundamentally in the course of history. There ins hardly any other term, where have been so many controversial theories, discussions, models. At present, our working world is undergoing rapid progress: a clear separation between work and leisure is becoming more and more blurred, “stable” employment biographies are becoming more brittle and industrial work is increasingly disappearing from urban everyday life.


Within each tool call, we invite all to supplement our little culinary offer within the meaning of Potluck with delicacies. A potluck has a lot to do with sharing and mutual appreciation. Potlach is regarded as one of the ideas for this Potluck. An event of North American Indians of the Pacific coast. In this ritual gifts are distributed and distributed. We are looking forward to the culinary surprises brought along. A covered table is waiting to be filled.



1. Werkzeuggespräch
Thinking about democracy – how does it work?
Right-wing populism, its myths, the role of the media and the social question

Thu 20.04.2017 / Starts: 19:00
Place: SOHO Projektwerkstatt, Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9, 1160 Wien
with Alexander Pollak (SOS Mitmensch)

2. Werkzeuggespräch
Who cares about us?
On the future of “care” work

Thu 18.05.2017 / Starts: 19:00
Place: Waschsalon im Sandleitenhof, Liebknechtgasse 5
with Dr. Katharina Mader (Inst. for Institutional & Heterodox Economics, WU Wien)

3. Werkzeuggespräch
Migration and the right to work
On the precarious working conditions of migrants and asylum seekers

Thu 08.06.2017 / Beginn: 19:00
Place: Alte Milchtrinkhalle, Kongresspark, 1160 Wien
with Sandra Stern, trade union and anti-racist activist (UNDOK)

4. Werkzeuggespräch
Work and globalization
What our actions can do worldwide

THU 14.09.2017 / Beginn: 19:00
Place: Alte Milchtrinkhalle, Kongresspark, 1160 Wien
with Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl (Südwind)

5. Werkzeuggespräch
Living and working in transition
Utopias of cohabitation

THU 09.11.2017 / Starts: 19:00
Place: Altes Kino, Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Wien
with Brigitte Kratzwald (Social scientist and activist with focus on the topics of commons and solidarity economics)