Since 2016 the non­profit association stadt:wurzel dedicates itself to the theory and practice of living together in the urban area. Our goal is to better understand cities in which we are living, including its inhabitants, its cultural diversity and its history and to shape it actively.

Through our projects we want the margins of society to gain center stage and to shed light on invisible places and people and let them tell their stories. We are fascinated by the potential people and places have and therefore want to detect them and unfold them in a way that benefits society.

Our work includes

  • Issues of democratization and participation in public life
  • Methods of self­empowerment
  • Aspects of an ecological, sustainable and economic living environment
  • Agendas of spatial planning and urban development

An important part of the association stadt:wurzel is the cooperation with other groups, cultural initiatives, institutions and interested people.

Parts of our activities are aimed at the temporary usage of empty rooms and buildings and the usage of public space in the outskirts of Vienna.

To achieve our goal, the promotion and exchange of cultural diversity in the urban area, we use a wide range of new and well­tried formats, from movie screenings and readings through to culinary discussions and projects and interventions in the public space which are socio­politically relevant.